Pepsi Max challenges Coca-Cola Zero to a taste duel

Pepsi Max is putting all its eggs in one basket and going head-to-head with its best-selling sugar-free competitor in Switzerland in the "Pepsi Max Taste Challenge 2019."


Pepsi Max is challenging cola fans to put their taste to the test and decide in blind tastings which of the two leading sugar-free cola brands tastes best. At events throughout Switzerland, for example at the Open Air Gampel or in Zurich's city center, participants are given two identical-looking cups of sugar-free cola and can give their taste judgment directly.

Pepsi first called for the "Taste Challenge" back in 1970 - in 2018, Pepsi Max then brought the Challenge back to eleven European countries. After last year's success, Pepsi Max is now making the "Taste Challenge 2019" even bigger - with sampling events in Switzerland's biggest cities, the aim is to generate more than 50,000 taste contacts again this summer.

"With this year's Pepsi Max Taste Challenge, we will once again challenge possible preconceptions about which cola tastes better and surprise those who discover their new favorite cola with Pepsi Max. We are confident that we will inspire even more people with our taste," Mark Kirkham, Head of Marketing and Innovation, PepsiCo West Europe Beverages, said in a statement.

The live events are supported by a high-reach 360-degree campaign with digital activation at TV level with 30 million contacts.

Visitors to the Greenfield Festival in Interlaken were able to experience a foretaste of the "Taste Challenge" and be the first to test which sugar-free cola tastes better to them. From August 9, the "Pepsi Max Taste Challenge" starts in Geneva and tours from there throughout Switzerland.


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