Jung von Matt/Limmat launches a digital grill buddy for the grillitarians

The Grillitarians are back to ring in the 2019 grilling season. This year's campaign is all about rules, tips, recipes and individual taste. Included: the Grillitarier Buddy, a digital grill master for your pocket.


In 2018, Jung von Matt/Limmat launched the Grillitarier summer campaign for Migros, which is now entering its second round. What unites the Grillitarians is their love of the grill. Whether vegetarians, pescetarians, flexitarians or meat lovers - they all love what has touched a grill. However, when it comes to the preparation of the grillade, opinions differ. In the current campaign, Jung von Matt/Limmat shows that every grillitarian has their own individual rules and tastes are different. It's about questions like "Salt before or after?" or "Vegetables as an outlawed side dish or even as a freestyle?". The main message of the campaign: anything goes - as long as it's fun and tasty.

2019 grilling with the Grillitarier Buddy

The digital centerpiece of the campaign is the Grillitarier Buddy. The progressive web app with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) accompanies the Grillitarians directly at the grill through the summer with integrated grill timer, grill recipes and party planner. As a gamification element, there is a weekly changing quiz where you can win a Grillitarier weekend. The progressive web app runs on all operating systems and is available now on Grillitarier.ch available. The Grillitarier Buddy offers the user experience of a native app with smooth transitions and support for device capabilities and can be saved to the smartphone's home screen.


In the center: individual Grillitarier rules

The 16-week multichannel activation campaign includes a manifesto film and eight short spots presenting individual grillitarians' rules, in addition to proven out-of-home, print, online and POP measures: Beat has his very own definition of carpaccio, Roman and Doris have different views when it comes to grilling skills, and Carla exhorts the family to rest more. Because only by resting does the meat stay really juicy. In the spots, individual rules are emphasized or different rules are juxtaposed. The campaign is now in use throughout Switzerland and encourages discussion about barbecue rules.

Responsible at Migros: Désirée Strassmann, Céline Jagisch (Campaigning), Sergio Pintadu, Beatrice Lütjens (Digital Campaigning & Promotions), Simone Blaser (Media), Eveline Zollinger, Anna Eberle (Sales Promotions). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Limmat: Rob Hartmann, Alain Eicher (Creative Direction), Markus Rottmann, Nemi Wildbolz, Jehmsei Keo, Ennio Cadau (Text), Matthias Fürst, Michelle Danilschenko, Regine Cavicchioli, Joana Faria, Vanessa Savi (Art Direction), Tina Bloetjes, Hekuran Abdyli (Graphics), Emmanuel Denier (Screendesign), Daniel Muther, Sara Antunes (User Experience) Christian Koop (Digital Production Direction), Philipp Siegenthaler (Strategy), Andrea Häfliger, Mikael Haak, Nadine Stüssi, Britta Hartleb, Jan Rohleder (Project Management/Consulting), Nick Schoberth (Key Account Management), Dennis Lück (Chief Creative Officer). Responsible at Jung von Matt/play: Natascha Imfeld (Art Buying), Valdita Shabanaj (Junior Producer). Responsible at Czar Zurich: Sandy Blum (Executive Producer), Philippe Favre (Producer), Stella Falderbaum (Postproducer), Johannes Schröder (Director), Jallo Faber (DoP). External partners: Jung von Matt/180HB, Warsaw (development), Jingle Jungle (music/sound), Ultra Images (animation), Nathalie Furrer/Visualeyes (production photography), Tina Sturzenegger (photography), Dynamo Media (media), Webrepublic (media).

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