No more excuses: Jung von Matt/Limmat promotes Helsana health apps

Together with Helsana, Jung von Matt/Limmat promotes the health insurer's health apps in a digital-first campaign. Helsana+, Helsana-Trails and the new Helsana-Coach all pay off on a common goal: To increase the well-being of the insured and thereby strengthen the customer relationship.


The Swiss health insurance company Helsana accompanies its customers through everyday life with three apps: Helsana+, Helsana-Trails and Helsana-Coach. The apps pay attention to three elements: Exercise, nutrition and mindfulness. To promote the apps, Jung von Matt/Limmat implemented these health factors in multi-level ads and told an interlocking story via multiple contacts and along the customer journey.

The apps help customers put an end to excuses, reward them for healthy behavior, and help them achieve their personal health goals. Jung von Matt/Limmat implements these good reasons for more exercise, healthier eating, and more mindfulness in everyday life in social ads, display ads, dynamic microsites, teaser films, and print measures.

In the digital-first campaign, Jung von Matt/Limmat and Helsana rely on multi-level and compressed storytelling. In the online spots, stories are told pointedly in five seconds. It quickly becomes clear that exercise, a healthy diet, and a mindful attitude are successful even in hectic or rehearsed everyday life - especially with Helsana's apps.


Responsible at Helsana: Yves Ekmann, Ramun Brunner, Claudia Kurt, Sabrina Molinari, Anja Böhmer (Marketing & Communications). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Limmat: Wolfgang Bark, Hanja Heuss (Creative Direction), Sarah Kohl, Frederik Dreier (Text), Cansu Sezer, David Hanselmann (Art Direction), Emmanuel Denier, Raymi Mendoza, Vitalli Peters (Graphic and Screendesign), Philipp Siegenthaler, Corinne Liesching (Strategy), Simon Bietenhader, Nadine Stüssi (Consulting, Project Management), Cyrill Hauser (Chief Client Director), Dennis Lück (Chief Creative Officer), René Schwarz (Chief Experience Officer). Responsible at Jung von Matt/play: Natascha Imfeld (Art Buying), Matthias Fasnacht (Motion Design), Valdita Shabanaj (Junior Producer). Responsible at Pumpkin Film: Christopher Novak, Vera Matta (Producer), Kasper Wedendahl (Director), Kilian Kessler (Photography). Other external partners: Jingle Jungle (recording studio), Online Video (postproduction), Konnex (media agency), Panter (web development).

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