"Sorry, no. Nope, sorry. You can only collect if you're under 25."

Zurich launches a car insurance for young people. To make this known to the target audience, FCB Zurich, together with Zurich Insurance, finds the right tone - and the right images.


Since mid-April, Zurich Insurance has been offering car drivers under the age of 25 additional motivation to drive carefully. If you have three years of damage-free driving, you benefit from a generous cashback . FCB Zurich has developed advertising materials that can be integrated into Zurich's current spring campaign for car insurance and directly address young drivers. In a cinema spot and on online banners, two senior citizens try to pass themselves off as teenagers in order to also benefit from this campaign.

Responsible at Zurich Insurance: Andreea Prange (Head of Marketing Zurich Switzerland; Priska Kaspar (Head of Campaign & Project Management); Petra Mosberger (Senior Marketing Consultant Campaign & Project Management); Eleni Zoubos (Senior Digital Marketing Manager ). Responsible at FCB Zurich: Cornelia Harder (CEO); Marcin Baba (Creative Director); Debora Zarriello (Account Manager); Emanuel Büchler (Content Developer Film); Dominik Brülisauer (Copy Writer); Olivier Walther (Photographer);, Mateja Aleksic (Digital Art Director).

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