Of eight-meter beards and weightlifting mothers

The posture campaign created by Leo Burnett for Migros Personal Care showcases the amazing achievements of the human body.

Migros PC Haltung_Tragtasche_Teaser

Your body does a lot for you. Give it something back: With an awareness campaign, Migros Personal Care wants to show what our body does for us.

At the heart of the project are four online films that present facts about the human body in an eye-catching way. For example, the viewer not only learns that a beard grows up to eight meters in a lifetime, but also gets to see the impressive hair in full length. A surprising realization that shows what the body can do. And encourages us to give something back to it with the right care products.

The films, conceived by Leo Burnett, can now be seen in pre-rolls as well as various digital and online promotional materials.


Responsible at Migros Genossenschafts-Bund: Roman Reichelt (Head of Marketing Communications), Nadine Hess (Head of Own Brand Management), Alexander Herrmann (Head of Product Range Communication), Patrizia Keller (Project Manager Product Range Communication), Aline Maritz (Intern Product Range Communication), Marlon Chng (Project Manager Digital Communication), Simone Blaser (Project Manager Media). Responsible at Leo Burnett: Franziska Pennington, Vanessa Mermoud (Creation), David Fischer (CD), Martin Stulz (ECD), Michael Gassler, Christoph Schwarz, Michela Iseli (Consulting); Suzana Kovacevic (Art Buying). Responsible Film: Rosas & Co (production), Barney Cokeliss (director), Jingle Jungle (sound). Collaboration on web presence: OMD, Linda Zittlau.

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