Find Home Zurich and Bank Cler: Time to talk about money

Bank Coop becomes Bank Cler. Heimat Zürich developed the communication strategy and, based on it, the launch campaign with which the bank addresses our culture in dealing with money.


Switzerland gets a new, nationwide bank with a completely new brand identity ( reported). The new brand already conveys central messages with its name: Cler means clear, simple, distinct. These attributes will henceforth stand for uncomplicated banking that is understandable to all. This is where the communicative positioning picks up. It also focuses on the corporate culture, which is characterized by humanity, closeness and fairness both internally and externally. These are all aspects of a brand attitude that the brand also expresses in its communications: Bank Cler proclaims a natural approach to money.

We may live in the land of money, but a natural approach to money is by no means a matter of course. In fact, we have probably the most schizophrenic relationship with money after sex; omnipresent, indispensable and inextricably linked with Swiss society and history, the following applies in this country more than almost anywhere else: People don't talk about money.

But this is the most important prerequisite when it comes to finding solutions and making decisions - even in financial matters.

This insight led to the claim with which the new bank is now advertising: "Time to talk about money" encourages people to put aside obstructive taboos and deal constructively with realities.

Three films establish the campaign claim at the launch. They all end in situations in which talking about money becomes unavoidable - which is anything but easy for the protagonists. The films run in different versions on TV and online.

On posters, in advertisements and on banners, Bank Cler first takes its claim at its word and talks openly about money: the corresponding online and offline advertising media communicate the amount that Bank Cler is investing in the campaign with the corresponding booking and at the same time state the goal that is to be achieved.


In other visuals used over the longer term, the campaign poses questions about social conventions and cultural practices, prompting Switzerland to think - and talk - about money.


Responsible at Bank Cler: Gregor Eicher (Head of Marketing, Member of the Executive Board), Mats Bachmann (Head of CEO Office, Member of the Executive Board). Creative agency: Home Zurich. Film production: It's us. Directed by: Nalle Sjoblad. Music: Great Garbo. Photography: Philipp Müller. Branding: Scholtysik & Partners. Media agency: OMD.

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