Erdmannpeisker creates flavor explosions for Dar-Vida Break

Dar-Vida expands its variety and launches Dar-Vida Break. Erdmannpeisker communicates the innovations with a campaign.


Due to the still widespread opinion that Dar-Vida only offers whole-grain crackers with a natural whole-grain taste, the focus for the new launch of Break is to be on the taste experience, which is to be staged in a surprising way. After all, healthy "smart snacking" does not mean sacrificing enjoyment. In line with the existing claim "Full of grain, full of cleverness."

The already established illustration style has been retained. With the prompt "Crack the flavor!", attention-grabbing, mandala-like flavor explosions are now shown when biting into a break. What is already an eye-catcher as an ad and on posters has an even stronger impact as an animation in online banners or on eBoards and e-panels.


Responsible at Dar-Vida: Karin Strik (Head of Brand and Product Management). Responsible at Erdmannpeisker: Gabriel Peisker (CD), Sybille Erdmann (consulting manager), Christina Weisser (AD), Thomas Zulauf (consulting), Refael Blatt (final artwork). Media Planning: Mediaschneider. Online presence: Responsive

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