Republica designs an animal campaign for the Bea again this year

The Bea offers the public "Beastly Food", "Beastly Choice" and "Beastly Action". This is exactly what the new campaign, for which Republica is responsible, reflects.


Bea, which will take place from 28 April to 7 May 2017, is Switzerland's largest social event and attracts around 300,000 visitors from all over the country every year. The Republica agency was commissioned by Bernexpo Groupe to revamp the image of Bea for its 66th edition.

The aim was to present the girl Bea and the cow Lea in a new way and thus appeal to a younger audience in addition to the loyal visitors. The two testimonials have already been acting as Bea faces for three years and have a high degree of recognition in the Bern area. The campaign - reinterpreted every year - once again underlines the longevity of the basic idea.


In addition to Bea and Lea, the new campaign focuses primarily on the event itself. The two protagonists dine in a Bea chalet, go shopping at the Bea or compete in the Emmental wrestling arena, which is one of the attractions at the Bea. "Animal food", "Animal choice" and "Animal action" are the corresponding headlines of the subjects. Republica thus conveys that there are many things to discover at Bea - from traditional offerings to the latest trends. As part of the campaign, posters, railboards, inserts, online banners, advertisements, articles in magazines and on social media channels and radio spots were realised.

Responsible at Bernexpo Groupe: Rolf Krähenbühl (Division Manager), Daniel Beyeler (Exhibition Manager) and Thomas Grünig (Exhibition Manager).

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