A reach like 6.8 times "Tagesschau"

Leo Burnett has created a new advertiser campaign for Migros magazine.


With an ad in Migros magazine, you not only benefit from the lowest price per thousand contacts in Switzerland. You also reach a very large audience with just one placement. For example, the Swiss German edition reaches a total of 2,335,000 readers (total edition 3,014,000). That's about as many people as you would reach with 6.8 times "Tagesschau," 15.4 times "Sportpanorama" or 16.8 times "Bachelorette.

The subjects of the new advertiser campaign therefore also take place in the familiar TV evening environment. The difference is that viewers are sitting in front of a Migros magazine instead of a TV set. The subjects are used in the form of advertisements, online banners and e-posters.


Responsible at Migros-Medien: Rolf Hauser (Publishing Director), Patrick Rohner (Head of Media and Marketing Services), Theresa Wuitz (Marketing Manager Online). Responsible at Leo Burnett Switzerland: Vanessa Mermoud, David Hugentobler (creation), David Fischer (CD), Martin Stulz (ECD), Corinne Amsler (consulting), Erasmo Palomba (art buying); Markus Mueller (photography).

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