Lürzer's Archive: Double Honor for Ruf Lanz

Ruf Lanz was included in the international selection of the renowned "Lürzer's Archive" with her campaigns for the BFU and for APG/SGA.

Ruf Lanz"Lürzer's Archive" publishes the outstanding work of the world's advertising creative every two months. The rigorously curated magazine is published in 68 countries and enjoys a high reputation in the creative industry.

Ruf Lanz is pleased to be represented in the current issue with two campaigns at the international level.

Firstly, with the BFU campaign against alcohol on the road. It shows in a striking way that even one glass of alcohol reduces the ability to drive. To illustrate this, the creative team placed empty glasses of beer, wine and champagne in front of the corresponding headlines. This creates exactly the same fogging, distorting and clouding effect that makes alcohol a danger in road traffic.

Second, with the literary vaccination campaign for APG/SGA. Last winter, the Swiss out-of-home media company used its eye-catching advertising space to call on the population to vaccinate in the spirit of the FOPH. Ruf Lanz used startlingly alienated book titles to show, "We can only get out of this story together; Get vaccinated now."


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