Three new partners for Wirz

Wirz appoints Nico Keramaris, Vanessa Lehmann-Spalleck and Fabiana Imhof as partners of the group as of April 2022.

The three new partners for Wirz: Nico Keramaris, Vanessa Lehmann-Spalleck (back) and Fabiana Imhof (front).

With the addition of Fabiana Imhof, Vanessa Lehmann-Spalleck and Nico Keramaris, Wirz expands the circle of partners to a total of 34 people.

After eight years and passing through various levels of consulting from assistant to senior, Fabiana Imhof took on the newly created position of "Casting Manager" in 2020. With her experience of almost a decade at Wirz, she coordinates creation, casts all employees on upcoming projects based on matching skills and recruits new talent. In addition, she shapes the organization of Wirz as a holistic agency and is responsible for various projects, activities and events for the employees.

As Digital Consulting Director, Nico Keramaris has been responsible for digital campaigning and media strategic campaign planning across all clients since March 2020. In addition, he has been responsible for business development in the management team of the strategic partnership with Webrepublic - BoB Best of Both - since 2021, as well as for marketing campaign performance in the newly created Wirz "Marketing & Innovation" force. Stations prior to Wirz include Jung von Matt, AdSpot, Mediabox and Tamedia.

In January 2020, Vanessa Lehmann-Spalleck rejoined Wirz as Group Account Director. In April 2020, she then additionally took over the co-leadership of the overall Migros account with a focus on brand management. Ten years ago, Lehmann-Spalleck was already co-head of the Migros account at Wirz. Stations before and between Wirz were agencies such as Rod Kommunikation, JWT, Young & Rubicam and Wieden & Kennedy Portland.

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