LSA makes clients and agencies "The Perfect Match".

Leading Swiss Agencies, the association of leading communications agencies, is launching "The Perfect Match," a branded content format that shows how a strong client-agency relationship can be successfully shaped over the long term.

LSA lanciertFinding the perfect agency - a central task that regularly occupies both clients and agencies. The market is changing radically, but companies still rely on old patterns when selecting a suitable agency. In doing so, they could all look to alternative selection processes that place a stronger focus on cultural fit, attitude and working methods.

How to find a perfect partner and how to keep the cooperation successful is now shown by the LSA in the new branded content format "The Perfect Match. In entertaining videos inspired by the popular Glanz&Gloria format "You or I", Matches show how a long-term and strong agency-client relationship works.

The format is launched by Catherine Purgly, Managing Director of LSA and Roland Ehrler, Director of SWA. The topic of agency selection is very close to both of their hearts and is always an important agenda item in their regular discussions. In further episodes, viewers will get an insight into the collaboration between Audi Switzerland and Wunderman Thompson, Axa and Publicis Zurich, and Futureworks and Zurich Insurance. Further episodes are already being planned.

Responsible at LSA: Catherine Purgly, Ilan Olstein. Responsible at Farner Group: Philipp Skrabal, Mathias Kröbl, Nina Wick, Bruce Roberts, Ennio Cadau, Roland Szabo, Rebecca Gerritsen, Aleksandar Sofranac. Responsible at Kuble (film production): Gustavo Salami, Olivia Schiffmann, Felix Schulz, Eveline Birrer. Responsible with John Allen (direction and editing): Chris Hanselmann, Yannick Schmucki. Responsible at Aroma (set production): Eugen Brunner, Yvonne Eichholzer, Marc Wiederkehr. Photography: Tobias Stahel.

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