Three new partners for Wirz

Michael Brentari, Ruben Wegmann and Jan Kempter are new partners at Wirz. With this move, the Zurich agency aims to strengthen its pioneering position as an independent and owner-managed player in the Swiss creative industry.

Three new partners for Wirz: Ruben Wegmann, Jan Kempter and Michael Brentari (from left to right). (Image: zVg.)

Michael Brentari joined the agency as CFO and member of the Executive Board at the end of 2023. He previously held this position for 15 years at various Swiss SMEs. Brentari has previously worked in the communications industry with the company FischMeierDirekt. Before joining Wirz, he ran his own fiduciary company.

Ruben Wegmann has been working as a Digital Services & Business Strategy Consultant at Wirz for almost two years. In this role, he combines analytical and strategic thinking with creative approaches to develop innovative solutions. His successful projects at Wirz include, for example, helping to design the digital mobile phone subscription "Gönn" for Deutsche Telekom. He is well versed in traditional management consulting and is experienced in business development for SMEs and start-ups. At Dept, he created digital customer experiences.

Jan Kempter, who has been Creative Director at Wirz since 2021, has also been appointed Partner. His current mandates include Migros, Switzerland Tourism, Suva, Graubünden Ferien and the Graubünden brand. With Migros beer, he was responsible for one of the most successful PR campaigns in recent years. The creative from Graubünden previously worked for Publicis, Jung von Matt and Scholz & Friends. He was nominated "Advertiser of the Year" in 2024 ( reported).

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