MetaTheme "Pioneers, unite!": Brand profiling through partnerships

In October, MetaDesign hosted two MetaTheme events, in Zurich and Bern. Using the example of ABB Formula-E, the agency discussed the success factors of successful brand partnerships together with ABB and Julius Baer.


At MetaThema, MetaDesign regularly presents a current topic to an audience from the fields of management, communication and marketing. In addition to the discussion in a panel of experts, guests have the opportunity to
to get into conversation with colleagues during the subsequent aperitif.


Brand profiling through partnership

This time, the focus was on brand partnerships. How can a brand distinguish and differentiate itself in today's networked world? "Team up", says MetaDesign - and do it sensibly: because brand partnerships need to be well thought out.

"Isn't brand partnership just a 'fancy' word for sponsorship? Some may ask. No, it is not. Because true brand partnership goes far beyond giving money and putting your logo everywhere. Rather, it's about making common cause: It's about collaborations and co-creation of content and thus sharing and strengthening brand presence and reach," Alexander Haldemann, CEO of MetaDesign, opened the event.

The ABB Formula-E, with ABB as the title partner and Julius Baer as the global partner, served as an example of successful brand partnerships. Together with Larissa Alghisi, Chief Communications Officer at Julius Baer, and Nicolas Ziegler, Head of Markets, Brand and Events at ABB, experiences were exchanged and the success factors and challenges of brand partnerships were discussed.


Three pioneers - one common goal

As a platform and driving force for electric racing, ABB Formula-E has meanwhile developed into a global entertainment brand. A partnership between ABB Formula-E and the global technology company ABB therefore makes perfect sense - after all, both brands want to stand for innovation, technology, the future and globality.

While the partnership between ABB Formula-E and ABB is understandable, Julius Baer wonders what the two brands have in common: "It was an instinctive decision, not without risks. But we wanted an innovative platform with the will to shape the future and the ability to inspire people," says Larissa Alghisi, Chief Communications Officer at Julius Baer.

It was clear to both speakers that it takes a lot of time, care, sometimes a little courage and above all a lot of passion to make a brand partnership really successful and to keep it that way.


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