Youtube severely restricts advertising on controversial topics

Youtube will no longer accept ads with certain controversial content for its most prominent and largest advertising space on the homepage. These include advertisements for the sale of alcohol and prescription drugs, advertising for gambling, but also ads with political content, reported the US portal "Axios".

A Google spokesperson confirmed the report on Tuesday. The restrictions affect the so-called masthead. This is a highly visible rectangle at the top of Youtube's homepage. The masthead is often the most expensive and sought-after advertising unit on the platform.

The Google spokesperson said his company regularly reviews ad requirements to ensure they address the needs of advertisers and users alike. "Today, we're updating those requirements to limit the categories of ads that are allowed to run on YouTube's Masthead inventory." It is believed that this update will lead to a better experience for users.

According to the new guidelines, ads showing gambling-related content - including sports betting and casino games - will no longer be accepted from now on. The ban also applies to ads promoting the sale of alcohol, as well as so-called branding ads for alcoholic beverages that do not explicitly refer to sales.

With regard to political and election advertising, these guidelines would be consistently enforced, regardless of political affiliation, the spokesman stressed. The update only affects masthead inventory, he said. "Advertisers have access to a wide variety of advertising options and formats as long as they comply with our policies." (SDA)

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