Sheep, ice cream, village telephone, shower: the most popular Youtube commercials 2016

In addition to the winner "Shave Forth for Freshness" by Gillette, Migros is also prominently represented with two of the ten most popular YouTube commercials in Switzerland in 2016, in third and seventh place.


Roman Reichelt, Head of Marketing/Communications at the Federation of Migros Cooperatives, expressed his delight at the two Migros successes in a statement: "On the one hand, we are pleased with this ranking from a media/creative perspective, because it shows that Migros advertising is also among the most popular and best-placed in digital media, such as on YouTube. On the other hand, we are pleased from a brand perspective. Because with M-Budget and our "From us. From here." spot, two essential pillars of the Migros brand have made it into the top 10: fair value for money and our self-produced private labels."

Switzerland's top 10 in 2016 at a glance:

1. gillette | Shave Forth for Freshness | New Gillette Body5 Commercial

2. evian | evian baby bay

3rd Migros | M-Budget "More in the bag" children's birthday party

4th Heineken | #Homestadium in Zurich

5. hostpoint | Sites en une minute - Avec Sites le design Web est un vrai plaisir!

6. gillette | Rogue One: A Star Wars Story | Gillette: "A Hero Prepares"

7. migros | From us. From here. Seal ice cream" TV spot

8th Graubünden | Village telephone campaign in the quietest village in Switzerland

9 Kneipp | The Ultimate Shower Experience

10 Swisscom | Rocco S01E01 - Black ice

To determine the top ten, Youtube measured the number of views on Youtube advertising videos from Switzerland in 2016. The algorithm for the evaluation mainly takes into account the number of views in the corresponding quarter (and not social interactions such as comments, likes, etc.), whereby a minimum of organic, non-paid views is a prerequisite for consideration in the ranking. Google does not reveal in detail how exactly the algorithm looks, or how large the share of non-paid views must be. However, it is obvious that you can buy the placement to a large extent through bookings, if real virality is missing. However, most of the spots listed above undoubtedly had a viral effect.

Oliver Rosenthal, Industry Leader, Creative Agency at Google, puts the main focus on this natural virality: "Unique advertising is voluntarily searched for, seen, shared and retold by millions of people. That's every advertiser's dream. Our ten winners have done just that. We are delighted that Youtube offers them the perfect platform to do so."

The ranking of the most clicked advertising videos is published quarterly by Google Switzerland. (hae)

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