Touch wood to avoid nuclear power plant accident

Greenpeace wants to mobilize voters for an orderly nuclear phase-out and has commissioned Freundliche Grüsse to design a mailing to disseminate the initiative.


The non-profit organization Greenpeace would like to ask members to send a voting reminder by mail to acquaintances so that they do not forget the vote and vote yes to the nuclear phase-out initiative. Beznau I is the oldest nuclear power plant in the world and right on our doorstep. To ensure that no accidents happen, the Friendly Greetings agency is making sure that as many Swiss people as possible touch wood. Or even better, go and vote. The direct mailing is made from sustainably grown wood. Each individual wooden postcard is touched by around ten people: From wood production to the print shop, to the mail distribution center, post office workers, recipients, all the way to the final recipient and his or her relatives.


Responsible at Greenpeace: Oliver Heimgartner (Volunteers & Network Campaigner). Responsible for Kind regardsPascal Deville, Samuel Textor (Creative Direction), David Elmiger (Text), Sean Dünki (Art Direction), Patrick Biner (Consulting), Microwood (Wood Production).

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