Ogilvy: Launch campaign for Energy Milk

Ogilvy Zurich created the launch campaign for the new Emmi Energy Milk High Protein. The literally strong idea is implemented and used in print, on e-boards/e-panels and via various online channels.

Emmi has been running a successful range of Engery Milk Drinks for around two decades. The various flavors are now being complemented by two further products that are designed not only to boost energy, but also to boost strength thanks to an extra portion of protein. This addition to the range is aimed primarily at young males between the ages of 18 and 24.


For the launch of Emmi Energy Milk High Protein, Ogilvy developed an animation, print ads, online advertising media and the new website Emmi-energy-milk.ch. At the heart of the campaign is a key visual that dramatizes the power of Emmi's new Energy Milk in a strong advertising exaggeration and with a corresponding wink. With the invitation to awaken the Superman in oneself, the target group is directly addressed and involved in the communication via an online competition.

The basic idea, namely to make impossible power exercises possible in a funny way thanks to the extra portion of protein, was also transferred to online advertising media and expanded. Starting in May, people will be encouraged to participate. Users can share their own contributions via video, images or slogans.


Responsible at Emmi: Thomas Heller (Head of Marketing Switzerland), Jolanda Vögeli (Group Brand Manager), Mirjam Muri (Brand Manager), Jeanine Mauerhofer (Brand Manager).
Responsible agency: Ogilvy Zurich.

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