Frontwork: Lettering Rehaklinik Bellikon

The Bellikon rehabilitation clinic moves into a temporary building. The signage shows how flexible, simple and economical signage can be.

The Bellikon Rehabilitation Clinic is a Suva specialist clinic for rehabilitation after accidents. For the next two years, the clinic has moved into temporary premises in Dättwil. The new environment is complex and requires clear information and orientation systems. As it is a provisional facility, the signage is only needed temporarily. Frontwork has therefore developed some innovative solutions that combine quality and cost efficiency. These include destination guides and signposts made of satin-finished acrylic glass, cut-out signs and direct lettering on glass, wall painting using stencil technology and outdoor steles made of aluminium dibond. With this project, Frontwork was able to offer the client an individual and cost-effective solution for the signage in the Dättwil temporary building.

Responsible for the production at Frontwork is Manuel I. Böschenstein (advertising technology), responsible for the signage concept is Neuzeichen, Kommunikation- und Orientierungs-design.



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