Maxomedia awakens wanderlust for TCS

With the redesign of the website for the travel magazine of the Touring Club Schweiz (TCS) completed by Maxomedia, travel enthusiasts throughout Switzerland are now guided even more clearly through the website.

Emotional and lively images take readers on a journey around the world and provide information about different travel destinations. The travel magazine newsletter has also undergone the new facelift.


With the website Travel TCS positions itself as a specialist expert in the field of travel. For over 80 years, it has been organizing these for its members in different countries of the world and passes on its knowledge. On the website of the TCS ETI travel magazine, he makes these experiences available and invites his members to go on a voyage of discovery: Specific travel offers across all continents, tips on the right preparation, tasty recipes and recommendations on safety and behavior round off the profile of the experienced travel expert. In addition, with the TCS ETI Schutzbrief, members have a product at their disposal that provides assistance in any emergency situation while traveling in Europe or worldwide. With the letter of protection and travel magazine, TCS communicates its expertise to the outside world, offers customers added value, and builds customer loyalty.


Vivid imagery and clear structures

In close consultation with the client, Maxomedia optimized the website in March 2015 with a user-friendly structure and overview in the form of a magazine: a world map, tiles with images and teaser text invite users to delve into clear thematic articles. The redesign also focused on a more visual and thus inspiring optimization of the existing imagery. The quarterly newsletter has been updated in line with the fresh website and optimized for today's usage behavior via mobile devices. The current issue invites you on a voyage of discovery to Iceland and England.


Responsible at TCS ETI Travel Magazine: Sophie Kaufmann (Marketing Project Manager TCS), Mario Brunelli (Product Manager TCS Member Travel), Marius Fink (Marketing Project Manager TCS), Sacha Achermann (Product Manager TCS Assistance). Responsible at Maxomedia: Simon Muster (Overall Responsibility), Lara Février (Editorial), Frank Salathé (Head of Digital), Alessandra Pergola (Screen Design), Laura Kistler (Content), Stefan Schärmeli and Roman Stocker (Backend), Philipp Gfeller (Frontend), Tatjana Meichtry (Team Leader Consulting), Annette Dohmes (Assistant Consulting).

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