Survey "Euro Shock": Arndt Groth

Werbewoche survey on the economic development after the "Euro Shock" and its impact on the communication and advertising industry: Arndt Groth, CEO, PubliGroupe

The strength of the Swiss franc and the weakness of the euro are causing opposing trends. In recent years, we have already had to report a stronger purchase of media services abroad in the area of digital advertising, as the CPMs there are significantly lower than in Switzerland. The technologies of targeting Swiss users on German websites, for example, have made cross-border buying possible. The weak euro will reinforce this trend, also with regard to the outsourcing of agency services outside Switzerland. On the other hand, it is not only the automotive industry that is currently focusing on increased awareness and additional euro discount campaigns are being advertised, for example. The advertising pressure on Swiss companies will therefore not diminish, but the added value will increasingly be created abroad. Furthermore, an even stronger focus on performance-oriented media plans is to be expected. This trend has prevailed in all difficult economic times so far - most recently in the financial crisis of 2009. As a consequence, digital advertising channels will benefit and receive a further boost.

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