Jim & Jim: Zazou Mall dances for Danone Activia

As part of the global "Dare to feel good" campaign, in which Shakira serves as brand ambassador, Danone Activia conducted a sampling in several Swiss cities. This was combined with a dance action to the surprise of passers-by.

To draw attention to the Activia motto "Well-being comes from within," the world's largest yogurt brand enlisted former DSDS contestant Zazou Mall as a dancer. Together with a promotion crew of several people, she transformed various Swiss squares into an outdoor dance studio and managed to get even some reserved Swiss to dance along courageously. Wearing a belly-free outfit and supported by a multi-headed promoter team, the gifted dancer showed her well-known hip swing to Shakira's summer hit "Dare (La la la)". The Colombian world star can be seen and heard with this single in the current Activia TV commercial.



Responsible at Danone Activia: Carine Labatut (overall management), Martina Winterhalter (project coordination), Marco Zangger (freelance photographer). Responsible at Jim & Jim: Cyrill Steiner (Head of Promotion), Corina Rainer (Project Assistance).

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