Serranetga raises awareness for Reporters Without Borders

The international organisation Reporters Without Borders campaigns for greater press freedom. In Switzerland, it is little known among its most important target group - journalists. That is why Serranetga has put the media professionals in the focus of the campaign.

Media professionals are addressed with a simple but important message: "Freedom of the press stops violence". Newspapers and magazines - the symbols of press freedom - act as a shield against violence. To launch the campaign, a special edition of the journalist's trade magazine Edito&Klartext was printed. Each magazine was shot through individually, with the resolution on the last and intact page: "Press freedom stops violence". The special edition was sent to important Swiss journalists and publishing houses. The corresponding campaign website informed about the work of Reporters without Borders and called for donations.

At the same time, a short film was produced in partnership with the newspaper Die Zeit. In it, a man protects himself with a newspaper from the fatal pistol shot of a violent offender. The film can be seen on the campaign website and soon in selected Swiss cinemas.

Responsible at Reporters Without Borders: Bettina Büsser; Responsible at Serranetga: Pascal Deville, Samuel Textor (Concept/Creative Direction), Nicolas Hostettler (Project Management); Film Production: Gabriel Sandru (director/cinematographer), Niels Vije (producer), Jürgen Kupka (grading), Arvo Pärt (music/ECM), Jingle Jungle (sound design).



Making of the magazine:


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