The first fully painted streetcar of VBZ is on the road

Since Thursday, the first streetcar completely designed by a customer has been operating on the VBZ network. Further fully painted streetcars will follow in the coming weeks and months.

The introduction of the fully painted streetcar by VBZ has met with great interest in the advertising market. Since Thursday, the first Cobra streetcar has been traveling through Zurich with a full design. Swissquote Bank, which specializes in online banking, is the first customer to use this eye-catching form of advertising, and other customers from various sectors will follow in the near future. By the middle of the year, all five streetcars approved by the city council will be on the road.

The commercial full-scale design became possible after the Zurich City Council approved a three-year test phase in June last year. It is limited to a maximum of five Cobra streetcars at any one time. During the trial period, the offer in the market and acceptance by passengers will be tested. After that, a decision will be made on the definitive inclusion in the VBZ Traffic Media product portfolio.

VBZ Traffic Media markets over 14,000 advertising spaces on 574 VBZ vehicles. The advertising in and on streetcars and buses reaches over 810,000 boarders in the city of Zurich every day.

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