Dachkom: Delta Möbel celebrates birthday with Christa Rigozzi

The agency Dachkom, based in Rheineck, has implemented a campaign for Delta Möbel. Christa Rigozzi was won over as the new ambassador.


For Dachkom in Rheineck, according to the statement, Christa Rigozzi's convincing personality and skilful role-playing in front of the camera were among the decisive factors in hiring her as the new ambassador for the eastern Swiss furniture store Delta Möbel. The campaign includes a separate newspaper bundle, posters, advertisements, as well as radio and TV spots.

Responsible at Delta Möbel: Willi Gebelein (Management), Hans Vetsch (Marketing). Responsible at Dachkom: Bernd Leisner (text/concept), Simone Gmeiner (graphics), Otto Gmeiner and Jérôme Walz (consulting), Regina Rüesch (project coordination).


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