m&k issue 11/2012

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TITLE STORY Driving the fast food revolution with franchising "Slow down with fast food": Following the success of Hitzberger AG with seven of its own outlets, the management team wants to develop the concept further on a franchising basis. MARKETING LOGIC "Anything goes" - bad advice for marketing Marketing is on the move. New tools, media and approaches are constantly emerging. In marketing, it is important to make use of the multiple possibilities and to be an early adopter of new things. COLUMN Underestimated importance of brand equity ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Marketing


ONLINE BRANDING Authentic and honest dialog via social media Social media experts talk about the potential of social networks. E-COMMERCE Logistics is increasingly becoming a key factor LOGISTICS SERVICE PROVIDER Press enter - and the jeans are at the door


STATE OF THE ART More joy, more turnover and more "we" feeling The company visuelt has designed an image campaign for Kurt Steiner AG. DIGITAL SIGNAGE 1 Advertising that entertains and informs in a targeted manner DIGITAL SIGNAGE 2 Digital signage is spreading across all industries ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss advertising Swiss Dialog Marketing Association Callnet.ch


CINEMAKING "Advertising now follows the film, rather than the room". Nils Schilling, Managing Director of WerbeWeischer Switzerland, on the potential of the cinema advertising market in Switzerland. OUTDOOR ADVERTISING Billboard advertising: "Neither click away nor scroll away". Traditional outdoor advertising is still in demand. INTERVIEW "The MobNat model will underestimate reality less". Felix H. Mende talks about current and planned poster research. ONLINE JOB PORTALS The digital job market becomes economically "presentable Overview of the Swiss job placement business.


OUTLOOK Education responds to rapidly changing communications world The rapid pace of digitization is forcing education providers to prepare content quickly, flexibly and with the necessary benefits. INTERVIEW "The principles of the online world are no guarantee of quality". SMC Vice President Peter Petrin comments on the digital hype in marketing and ventures a forecast for the continuing education market in 2013. NEW COURSE OF STUDY "Up-to-date knowledge and solution-oriented approaches". An interim report and an outlook on the first Master's degree program in Online Marketing Management with Director Claudia Meier-Biedermann.


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11/12 Cover photo: clicdesign ag, Bern
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