Tarkan Özküp in the podcast "Off the Record": Content Marketing - Problem Child or Powerhouse?

More and more companies are focusing on content marketing as a way to reach customers in an oversaturated advertising market. In the podcast "Off the Record", Anna Kohler talks to Tarkan Özküp, Managing Director of AZ Konzept, about the opportunities and challenges of content marketing.

Solutions for communicative challenges, that's what the makers of the marketing unit AZ Konzept promise. Credible environments are developed for effective messages. Tarkan Özküp, who is known to many as the managing director of the online portal Watson, and five communications professionals have created a basis for customers who want their content to be well embedded. In the podcast "Off the Record," Özküp talks to editor-in-chief Anna Kohler about how exactly they do it, where they start with AZ Konzept and, above all, how they can offer customers a wide range of options.

And if you want to hear Tarkan Özküp and Anna Kohler sing, you have to listen from the very beginning.

Tarkan Özküp and m&K/Advertising Week Editor-in-Chief Anna Kohler.


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