What advantages does OneID offer? Roger Baur and Jochen Witte in the m&k Werbewoche Podcast

In the latest episode of the m&k Werbewoche podcast, co-editor-in-chief Anna Kohler discusses the topic of OneID with her guests Roger Baur (Ringier Advertising) and Jochen Witte (Project Manager OneID). They talk about the upcoming post-cookie era and the importance of first-party data in digital advertising.

Anna Kohler from m&k Werbewoche.ch in conversation with Jochen Witte (center) and Roger Baur. (Picture: Christoph Soltmannowski)

With OneID, the Swiss publishers and their marketers Audienzz, CH Media, Goldbach and Ringier Advertising are jointly creating a basic technology in the form of a digital advertising ID. This enables advertisers to address Swiss users easily and without overlaps across publishers via programmatic buying platforms, which was previously only possible on the major international platforms.

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