"Is what you say true?" - Sven Preger, Head of Podcast NZZ

Sven Preger is Head of Podcast NZZ. At the dezibel podcast conference, the experienced journalist and podcaster shared seven tips for successful podcasting. Werbewoche editor Beat Hürlimann took a closer look at them in the video talk in Winterthur.


What this video talk from werbewoch.ch is about:

In podcasts, it is important to make abstract topics tangible through concrete examples and personal experiences. This can increase listener interest and create a deeper connection. The art of storytelling is crucial here. A clear structure and focus on the essentials help to keep the audience attentive. A story should not become too abstract, which makes it easier for the audience to stay engaged. Alternating between closeness and a critical stance in the conversation can create an appealing dynamic. It allows both positive and critical aspects of a topic to be highlighted, creating a balanced conversation. To be successful in the podcast world, a unique selling point, regular publication and an effective distribution strategy are crucial. The aim is to stand out from the multitude of other podcasts. The rule of thirds - two thirds talk and one third rapport - emphasizes the importance of preparation, personal exchange and journalistic craft in a podcast. The use of acoustics, music and effects can improve the quality of a podcast. Especially in a consolidating podcast landscape, it is important to remain courageous and try out new forms. A good podcast should not only entertain, but also - and above all - deal with relevant topics. Clear identification with the chosen topic and an authentic approach can increase the quality of a podcast. When developing new podcasts, it is important to ask yourself why this topic is important and why you absolutely want to cover it. Clarity about your own attitude and approach to the topic creates enthusiasm and authenticity. These are just some of the findings from the interview with Sven Preger.

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