m&k Advertising Week Podcast: Cheyenne Mackay on the impact of podcasts

In the m&k Werbewoche podcast, Anna Kohler talks to Cheyenne Mackay, Head of Content at Podcastschmiede and co-organizer of the podcast conference Dezibel, about the increasing popularity of podcasts and how companies can use them as a marketing and communication tool.

Podcasts offer a welcome break from screens and are easily accessible, says Mackay in conversation with Anna Kohler. However, there is still a need for more education on how to use podcasts. She also emphasizes the importance of storytelling in corporate podcasts. She encourages companies to tell stories that have not yet been told in order to attract new listeners.

Moreover, a podcast is not just another social media platform or marketing tool, but a unique medium with its own purpose and target group, Mackay makes clear. In the next interview, she explains to Anna Kohler the role of podcasts in the overall marketing strategy and the importance of KPIs. Mackay also gives advice for start-ups that want to include podcasts in their marketing mix - regardless of budget.

The podcast was published in Tablecast Audio and video podcast studio produced by Soltmannowski Kommunikation on behalf of m&k Werbewoche.ch.

Cheyenne Mackay is co-managing director of Podcastschmiede. The podcast agency helps companies to develop a content strategy that tells stories and conveys their desired message.

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