13 Questions for... Reinhold Weber

Reinhold Weber, owner and director of Reinhold Werbeagentur, reveals in our series "13 Questions for...", among other things, when he wants to become world champion in the rollator sprint over 110 meter hurdles.


Weber answers not just 13, but 29 questions in the online version of the series.

1. what you can not possibly do without?

Here's to sarcastic, inaccurate, pitch-black humor.

2. where and how have you ever bluffed in your life?

Always in interviews.

3. you could swap your smartphone with someone else's for a day. Would you? And if so, with whom?

With Barrack Obama. Then I can listen in on what he's doing with my phone that day.

4. if you had not become an advertiser - what then?

Certainly not a sportsman, but possibly a journalist - although I always wanted to be a forester when I was a boy.

5. has your media behaviour changed in the last three years?

I still read from left to right, but much more selectively, so really only the cult newspaper.

6. what do you see as the biggest challenge for advertising at the moment?

To teach all the officials and cost optimizers that advertising is actually something very simple and a great idea is worth something.

7. is the opinion true that you cannot grow old in agencies, or is that a prejudice?

I know enough other examples, but tendentially it's true. Young people are probably cheaper and easier to manipulate.

Eight. What are you sorry for?

That I didn't buy a 1959 Gibson Les Paul 20 years ago; it would be worth around $200,000 today and I'd still never give it away.

9. what do you never want to have to hear about yourself?

"He's such aoo nice person."

10. which advertising medium do you find abhorrent?

The slightly graying wearers of polo shirts with those oversized brand logos on them. By the way, they also like to wear these bright red or frog-green pants.

11. can you tell us a little secret?

I'm not gay.

12. what are you determined to achieve?

In 20 years: the world champion title in the rollator sprint over 110m hurdles.

13. why would you advise or discourage your children to seek a career in advertising?

To: "It can be a hell of a lot of fun." Off: "There are a hell of a lot of people in the industry now who will spoil that fun for you."

14. what would you work for free for one month (one week)?

I don't work for free. But a free week in the kitchen of Martin Surbeck or Rico Zanodella - I'd be happy to accept, just to learn something new.

15. what does not come to the office under any circumstances?

A potted plant.

15. what would you most like to promote?

Again for a newspaper or a car would be nice.

16. what advertising should be banned?

This so-called shock "advertising" of the EU on cigarette packs. It does no good, but expropriates all those who have built up the brand. DDR just.

Seventeen, was there a moment in your life when you thought: Wow. That's awesome. And it's mine!

I've humbly thought that quite a few times 🙂 .

18. the best self-promotion?

Good job.

19. what was the most fun lunch partner?

Paul Gredinger, because he always looked at everything, but really everything, from a completely different angle.

20. the best testimonial ever?

The Personality campaign from Vitra. In all modesty.

21. do you tell other people how much you earn?

Yes. The IRS.

22. what do you personally think about the effect of advertising?

That an advertising journal should not ask such imprecise questions.

Do you fall for advertising?

Whenever something is thought of and done super well, I function and rejoice in it like a normal human being.

24. what do you think about owned media?

One instrument of many in the media orchestra, which, however, is not played in tune by many due to a lack of sheet music.

25. Ever thought of leaving the advertising business?

Yes, on my first day working in advertising back at Wirz.

26. a buzz word that gets on your nerves?

The buzz word "buzz word."

27. what inspired you to enter the advertising industry?

Howard Gossage as well as GGK's ads.

28. what would you not advertise under any circumstances?

Basically for everything, but far from all people in advertising.

29. which internet sites do you use regularly?

Search engines, media sites, Gruhn.com, Cult.ch, Emma.com

Reinhold Weber is the owner and director of Reinhold Werbeagentur in Zurich and one of Switzerland's most decorated advertisers (including two-time Advertiser of the Year, 1987 and 1991). He was inducted into the ADC Hall of Fame this year. His agency Weber Hodel Schmid W,H,S was one of the leading advertising agencies in the 1990s.

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