Economiesuisse wants Billag fees halved

The business umbrella organization Economiesuisse wants to halve radio and TV fees. This is reported in the current issue of SonntagsBlick.


The association is thus campaigning for the counter-proposal to the No Billag initiative, which will be discussed in the National Council next week. Economiesuisse President Heinz Karrer attacked the SRG head-on in a briefing to bourgeois National Council members, writes SonntagsBlick. One must "force a focus" of the SRG on its "core mission," it says. A public dominance of the SRG is no longer legitimate, says Karrer.

Accordingly, only services that would not be provided by private market participants without state intervention should be covered. For "services that are important in terms of democratic policy", 200 francs is enough, the umbrella organization for the economy believes.

Economiesuisse is thus aligning itself with the SVP - the party also supports the 200-franc counter-proposal. And just as remarkable: Economiesuisse is opposing the position of Media Minister Doris Leuthard. In the past, Leuthard was able to count on the association's support, for example in the revision of the Radio and Television Act, for which Economiesuisse, after initial criticism, finally issued the "yes" slogan.

Meanwhile, according to National Councilor Gregor Rutz, the SVP is counting on the FDP and CVP parliamentary groups to discuss the bill "seriously once again. However, it is unlikely that the SVP will receive support from the center camp - the FDP, for example, wants to maintain the status quo and subsidize the SRG with CHF 400 per year.

The No Billag initiative will be debated in the large chamber on Thursday. (hae)

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