Council of States committee also does not yet want a reduction in the media levy

Further opposition is forming to the Federal Council's proposal to reduce radio and TV fees from CHF 335 to CHF 300. Like the sister committee of the National Council, the responsible committee of the Council of States also unanimously rejects this approach.

(Archive image: Keystone)

Following a renewed discussion on the partial revision of the Radio and Television Ordinance (RTVO), the Transport and Telecommunications Committee of the Council of States (KVF-S) has submitted various recommendations to the Federal Council, as announced by the parliamentary services on Friday. According to these recommendations, the Federal Council should first submit a revision of the SRG license or the performance mandate for consultation and only then determine the level of the radio and television fee.

An immediate reduction in the media levy would limit parliament's room for maneuver with regard to the debate on the popular initiative "200 francs is enough! (SRG initiative or halving initiative)".

The Federal Council wants to reduce fees with a partial revision of the Radio and Television Ordinance (RTVO) - and thus take the wind out of the sails of the halving initiative from SVP circles. The SVP wants to reduce the media fee to CHF 200.

However, even the SVP members of the parliamentary telecommunications committees are critical of this. Before the financial resources are quantified, the scope and content of the public service must be discussed.

SRG assumes that the reduction of the media levy to CHF 300 will lead to a reduction in revenue of around CHF 240 million and a reduction of around 900 SRG jobs in all regions. According to SRG, the measure would also have an impact on sports coverage at major events. The number of Swiss series and films supported and the broadcasting of cultural events would have to be reduced. (SDA)

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