Neo Advertising implements Programmatic DOOH campaign for Gonet Geneva Open

OOH company Neo Advertising ran a large-scale Programmatic DOOH campaign with dynamic content during Gonet Geneva Open 2023.

During the last three match days, 92 portrait screens in shopping and fitness centers, along streets and in the airport in the canton of Geneva provided continuous and live information on the matches and results of the quarterfinals, semifinals and final of the tennis tournament.

According to Neo Advertising, the campaign generated more than 350,000 broadcasts, more than ten million impressions, and thus a great deal of advertising pressure. Each broadcast referenced upcoming, current and past games in real time. The advertising media included information on the day, time and type of matches, information about the matches, live scores during the matches, past final scores, announcements and calls to buy tickets.

The dynamic elements had led to visitors:inside actively following the results for several minutes. "The combination of programmatic flexibility with content dynamics opens up new worlds within the medium," Florian Walz, CDO at Neo Advertising, is quoted as saying in the release.

"When the team at Neo proposed a programmatic campaign to us, we immediately agreed," adds Marion Duvillard, Operations Manager at Gonet Geneva Open. They were delighted to reach out to the tennis community in this "impactful and unique way".

Neo Advertising executed the campaign in close collaboration with Broadsign, Splicky and Cynapsis.

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