"Ok Bye: Witwinkel accompanies teenagers as they move out

Zurich-based agency Witwinkel has collaborated with Mediafisch to develop a new broadcast format for SRF that accompanies young people as they move out of their parents' home. In mid-January, the first episode of "Ok Bye" was broadcast on the new YouTube channel "SRF Mood" and on Play SRF.

Every year, thousands of young people leave their parents' home and look for their own place in the world. In seven episodes, the new series "Ok Bye" tells the story of seven young people who dare to take the step into a life of their own. Far away from home, without the protective hand of their parents and with a backpack full of dreams and a thirst for action.

From Tarasp to Lausanne, from Lachen to Zurich: the seven short episodes provide an insight into the fears and ideas, future plans and challenges of the young protagonists and thus want to impart valuable knowledge to the next generation and also a way to deal constructively and reflectively with what lies ahead for most of them.

In mid-January, the first short episode was broadcast on the new SRF YouTube channel "SRF Mood". At the same time, the episodes were released online on the Play SRF, Play RTS, Play RSI and Play RTR platforms. In addition, all episodes are available on the streaming platform Play Suisse.

The short reports of the format conceived in spring 2022 were produced and edited by Witwinkel, while Mediafisch was responsible for casting, story and realization.

Responsible at SRF: Karin Zweidler, Manuel Thalmann. Responsible at Mediafisch: Franziska Michel (direction & realization), Matthias Hämmerly (direction), Björn Hering (idea), Bettina Zbinden (realization), Rosa Zimmermann (realization), Miguel Kratzer (realization). Responsible at Witwinkel: Tim Vogt (idea), Lara Hanselmann (direction), Sara Hirner (realization & direction), Valerie Gervik (camera), Florian Hillner (sound), Armon Ruetz (sound), Severin Wirth (camera & editing), Damian Ruchti (camera & editing), Timon Graber (editing), Lena Krieg (editing).

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