Golden Brake Block 2022 goes to FOPH Director Anne Lévy

In 2022, the "Golden Brake Block" journalism prize goes to the director of the Federal Office of Public Health FOPH, Anne Lévy. According to the research network, the blacked-out vaccine contracts are an example of prevented access to information.

This year's invective award from goes to FOPH head Anne Lévy. (Archive image: Keystone/Peter Schneider)

That the public needs accurate information in difficult pandemic times in order to trust the authorities should be a matter of course, according to a media release on Monday evening. However, during the Corona pandemic, the FOPH was "negligent in its use of the Public Information Act".

In the hesitantly released documents, the FOPH had "rather blacked out too much than too little". Investigative journalists have also repeatedly been rebuffed by the FOPH with their inquiries. Some media representatives have been waiting for decisive FOPH documents on drug prices for more than two years.

Since 2014, the investigative network has presented the award to individuals who have "rendered outstanding services" in the field of information obstruction. (SDA)

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