Fraud and slippery requests on Linkedin and Xing in Switzerland

The abuse of career networks is also on the rise in Switzerland. Many women report that they have been contacted by men on Linkedin or Xing in a salacious manner.

"The abuse is now getting out of hand," comments Bernhard Bauhofer of management consultancy Sparring Partners in Thursday's Handelszeitung. "With Linkedin and Co., the integrity of the business model is at stake." For the abuse is not only taking place on the salacious level: Linkedin members report messages that are modeled on classic spam mails. This is how it works: On the one hand, via fake profiles that can be quickly unmasked. Another scam is more difficult: cyber criminals copy the profile of a real person and thus gain access to their network. To find the black sheep, the networks ask for help from users. Users should report every case immediately. Offenders would then be warned or deleted directly.

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