Roger Schawinski: "105 is not dead yet!"

Roger Schawinski has not buried the rescue plans for the now defunct Radio 105 station: On Wednesday, he submitted an offer for the takeover to the bankruptcy judge. In the meantime, he has stopped the emergency program on the 105 frequency.

On Tuesday, Radio 105 ceased operations on the instructions of the bankruptcy trustee ( reported). Since then, the rescue measures announced by Roger Schawinski for the Zurich youth station have been in full swing, according to a statement. Early Wednesday morning, he submitted an offer to the bankruptcy trustee for the takeover of assets of the bankrupt company Music First Network. This also includes the license granted by the Uvek. At the same time, he submitted an application to Bakom for the transfer of the concession.

Emergency program stopped via 105 frequency

An important part of the concept is to avoid a complete broadcasting blackout. According to Schawinski, this would be the worst of all solutions for employees, creditors and listeners alike. Therefore, the Radio1 boss broadcast an emergency program on the usual frequency on Tuesday and Wednesday, and announced that in the next few days the previous broadcasts would gradually be resumed with employees from 105. Both Bakom and the bankruptcy judge have been informed of this plan for an interim solution.

At 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Radio1 announced that Schawinski was no longer broadcasting on the frequency of Radio 105. This was after an intervention by the responsible bankruptcy trustee. The latter had previously announced that the music signal from the sealed 105 studio would definitely be switched off on Tuesday evening. Roger Schawinski of Radio 1 reacted to this and started his emergency program on the frequency of Radio 105. On Wednesday, the bankruptcy trustee had revised his statement. Until further notice, the music signal from the Radio 105 studios will not be cut. Until that time, Roger Schawinski will therefore forego his own non-stop program on the frequency of Radio 105 in order to safeguard the interests of all parties involved. (pd/hae)

Roger Schawinski to save Radio 105 (MP3)

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