NZZ am Sonntag plans redesign

The NZZ am Sonntag has initiated work on a comprehensive redesign. The aim is to maintain and improve its position in the competitive Sunday market.

The aim is to provide readers with an even more attractive product in the second half of the year with a newspaper that has been renewed both visually and in terms of content, according to an NZZ release on Friday. Simon Esterson and Mark Porter will again be responsible for the design. They were already responsible for the original design of the NZZ am Sonntag as well as for a first, smaller redesign five years ago. This, along with the newspaper as a whole, won the "European Newspaper of the Year" award in the weekly newspaper category a year ago.

In the area of graphics, the NZZ am Sonntag can now count on the conceptual advice of Michael Robinson, who comes from the school of the Guardian and has done groundbreaking work there. For Editor-in-Chief Felix E. Müller, the significance of this redesign is clear: "We're making the newspaper fit for the next few years in this way."

The launch of the new newspaper is supported by an advertising campaign by the Jung von Matt agency.

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