Newly created iconic design for Ámate

The Zurich agency Neu has developed the naming, design and visual identity for the new mate drink "Ámate".

Mate is a traditional South American drink made from the leaves of the yerba maté plant. On the one hand, "Ámate" means "mate", but it is also a Spanish expression meaning "love yourself".

The iconic design of the bottle also stems from this idea: only those who love themselves can love others - the two red hearts are intended to reflect this duality.

The visuals and animations in the communication of "Ámate" also play with the graphic interpretation of love and self-love. This is particularly evident when more than one bottle comes together: If you string several "Ámate" bottles together, a chain of hearts is created: self-love grows into love for others, which is also passed on.

At the same time, this additional dimension should ensure maximum attention on the shelf at the POS and at the club bar. With full intent - because in order to conquer the Swiss market, "Ámate" should first establish itself in the club and bar scene. Ámate" is distributed by Zollywood.

Responsible at Ámate / Zollywood: Oliver Jordan, Marco Ammann. Responsible at Neu Creative Agency: Nicole Vizcardo, Finn van Grondel, Pian Gumpp, Maison Fitzgerald, Sandy Pfuhl, Nico Ammann. Photography Packshot: Oliver Nanzig. Photography Visuals: Gregor Brändli. Image retouching: Lorenz Wahl.

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