Brandpulse interprets new brand strategy for Victorinox in image and text

In previous projects, Brandpulse had already developed the global branding as well as a re-branding for Victorinox. Now the imagery and verbal identity were redefined from scratch as part of an adapted brand strategy.

The basis for both projects was a review of existing examples and guidelines, research for inspiration and findings from several workshops with Victorinox.

The detailed concept for Victorinox's new visual world included the development of image ideas and subjects, the creation of mood boards and the elaboration of the visual language and application principles. Various categories such as corporate visuals, product photography, lifestyle photography, social media and other sub-themes were taken into account. The imagery was then developed and prepared as a guideline for Victorinox's internal and external digital brand guide.

Verbal identity adapted to brand strategy

The verbal identity was completely revised and adapted to the new brand strategy. The aim of this project was to create a uniform, memorable and authentic language for Victorinox's various target and stakeholder groups that would reflect the new positioning.

In the detailed concept, the existing verbal guidelines were aligned with the new brand strategy and application principles were derived. The content structure of the existing verbal identity guideline was revised and a tone of voice was defined for Victorinox as a brand and as a company, in which the new positioning as an expert is communicated. In addition, guidelines for addressing customers in different languages were developed, taking gender-inclusive language into account. Other principles such as the use of emojis and emoticons and the use of humor were also defined. The verbal identity was developed and didactically prepared as a guideline for Victorinox's internal brand design guideline tool.

With the new visual language and the new verbal identity, Victorinox wants to strengthen its brand perception and represent the innovative mindset of the brand, in line with the new brand strategy and brand positioning.

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