Yellow prescribes a rejuvenating cure for Ilmac

The MCH Group wants to strengthen its Ilmac chemical and life science exhibition and has called in the Yellow agency to do so. In a comprehensive branding process, the positioning of the B2B industry platform was sharpened and given a future-proof appearance.

Ilmac has existed since 1959 and is known in the Swiss chemical and pharmaceutical industry as a trade fair. The live marketing platform takes place every two years in Basel and in a smaller form in Lausanne in the interim year. In step with the changes in the trade fair landscape as well as in the chemical, pharmaceutical and life science industries, the trade fair has continuously adapted. For this reason, those responsible for Ilmac at the MCH Group felt that the time had come to take stock of the brand and its positioning.

With this starting position, the MCH Group contacted Yellow. The goal was defined as strengthening Ilmac's position as a live marketing platform for business, networking, knowledge transfer and trends. As part of a multi-stage process, a brand foundation was developed that encompasses all aspects of an identity, from purpose to brand promise. For this brand personality, the designers developed a corporate design that is suitable for off- and online as well as moving image applications. The result is a modular concept that allows the individual areas and formats under the Ilmac umbrella the greatest possible individuality while still ensuring a visually consistent appearance. The first implementations of the brand creation are currently being implemented in exhibitor acquisition and online in use.

Responsible at MCH Group: Céline Futterknecht (Brand Director). Responsible Agency: Yellow.

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