Department of Noise is always one step ahead for NeoVac

Department of Noise has created a new sound identity for NeoVac that will underscore the company's ambition to stay one step ahead.

NeoVac, the Swiss full-service provider of intelligent solutions for energy and water, has revised its brand identity and the associated brand experience in 2022. The new claim "Making Energy Smarter" is intended to summarize the company's doer mentality as well as its ambition to meet the energy future with forward-thinking solutions.

To make this attitude not only visible, but also audible and thus tangible, NeoVac has developed a sound identity together with the Zurich-based audio branding agency Department of Noise: for a coherent and consistent brand experience across all touchpoints.

"A living brand must also be audible - whether B2B or B2C," says Michael Eugster, Head of Marketing at NeoVac. "DoN recognized the potential of sound in a branding context early on and is therefore the clear leader in the field in Switzerland - which made the decision easy for us. Internally, employees almost snatched the assets out of our hands during the process."

The sound identity is intended to make NeoVac's spirit of innovation tangible, while establishing the "doer" in the sense of a forward-looking market leader. In the process, a "digital buffalo" served symbolically as a model that stands for the brand and at the same time incorporates the history as well as the heterogeneous workforce of NeoVac.

"The numerous sound assets, which also include the Brand Voice, help us to communicate precisely and efficiently in everyday life while broadly supporting our identity: just always one step ahead," adds Michael Eugster.

The new sound identity can now be heard on all communication channels.

Responsible at NeoVac: Michael Eugster (Head of Marketing), Lena Pfister (Marketing Manager), Sven Büchel (Digital Marketing Manager). Responsible at Department of Noise: Florian Goetze, Ph!L!pp Schweidler (Strategy & Creative Direction), Meng Tian (Consultant), Yves Gerber (Creative Producer).

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