Schläfle Trittibach develops brand identity for Neoviva

The boutique Rehab Clinic Neoviva has commissioned the Zurich agency Schläfle Trittibach with the conception and implementation of the complete brand identity.

NeovivaNeoviva treats international clients in the heart of Switzerland. Located on Lake Lucerne, surrounded by beautiful nature and good mountain air. The clinic is committed to helping its clients make significant and lasting improvements to their lifestyles.

The Zurich agency Schläfle Trittibach was entrusted with the task of developing the corporate design, the Website and to design and implement the print products. The newly developed brand is reminiscent of the coat of arms of a noble residence - simply in a more modern implementation. Visually, the hospitality and discretion of the company stands in front of the medical position. The logo idea depicts the reflection of the past and the future. Depicted with a mirrored N as a monogram, in the form of a mythical creature.

Neoviva Neoviva Neoviva Neoviva Neoviva Neoviva

Responsible at Neoviva: Oliver Neubert (Founder and VRP), Fenina Erpf (Management). Responsible at Schläfle Trittibach: Marcel Schläfle, Christoph Trittibach (creative direction), Marke 17 (web development), Beat Brechbühl, Thomas Biasotto (photography), Aschmann Klauser (retouching), Barbara R. Thoma (text).

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