DD Com sparkles with life for Oliq

Zurich-based agency DD Com has upgraded the brand identity of Swiss startup Oliq and also developed a campaign to raise awareness.

Oliq designs and produces "vitamin companions" to go: The sprays combine natural active ingredients with taste and ease of use. The composition of Oliq is intended to help better absorb fat-soluble micronutrients in particular.

DD Com first designed and implemented new imagery for all Oliq products. A packshot imagery with fresh colors was used to highlight the positive and diverse effects of the sprays and to show the natural ingredients in an aesthetic way.

DD Com developed a concept for the cross-media campaign that focuses in particular on the broad impact of the TV spot and also focuses strongly on online and social media channels. The model, presenter and former Miss Switzerland Dominique Rinderknecht was won as a testimonial. Derived from the packshot photography, Rinderknecht was also staged in an image concept that is used on various online and social media channels.

The TV spot celebrates the vibrant life of Dominique Rinderknecht, whose fresh, sporty and healthy lifestyle is a perfect match for the Oliq products. The campaign will launch in mid-October on various digital and social media channels as well as on German-language TV stations.

Responsible at Oliq: Sara Renzi (Head of Oliq, Mibelle Group), Katharina Weins (Digital Marketing Manager). Responsible at DD Com: Daniel Müri (overall responsibility, CCO), Florian Brand (creative direction), Andrea Bissig (art direction), Patrick Meyer (CD text), Tobias Koenen (digital), Vera Trachsel (consulting), Debora Raimondi (image editing), Martin Bernhard (edit/motion design). Production: Daniel Gerber (photography packshots), Werner Baumgartner (styling packshots), Jonathan Heyer with All in Production (photography, direction TVC), Urs Affolter (styling), Helen and Noemi Rinderknecht (hair and makeup), NJP Studios (scoring).

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