Studio Schoch for Schuler St. Jakobs Winery: 325 years, eleven generations, one wine

Schuler St. Jakobs Kellerei is celebrating its 325th anniversary. To mark the occasion, a cuvée was created that combines the finest grape varieties from the best regions of Italy. Studio Schoch was commissioned to develop a unique and exclusive brand for this wine.


The brand design is reminiscent of the founding year 1694, the Baroque era. Inspired by the Baroque stucco marble and the rich use of gold leaf at the time, the wine was opulently presented.

The brand bears the name "Scolaris", the Latin origin of the name Schuler, and was supplemented with the promise "La Storia di Scolaris dal 1694".

The lettering was developed from a sans serif Antiqua and gold-foiled with a prismatic embossing. This creates the impression that the lettering has been chiseled into the marble. The fine baroque emblem in the background was emphasized by the interplay of gloss varnish and embossing.

Each bottle is individually wrapped in tissue paper finished with a delicate gloss varnish and packed in a high-quality wooden box. This makes unpacking an experience in itself. Scolaris is available in limited editions of 75cl and 150cl in the exclusive wooden box.




Responsible at Studio Schoch: Dominik Schoch (Head of Studio Schoch/Owner), Tina Fuchs (Head of Innovation/Consulting Director), Dominique Ghilardi (Head of Branding/Lead Designer).

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