Diploma ceremony: Swiss Marketing honors 185 graduates

Following last year's digital diploma ceremony, a total of 185 marketing and sales managers* were honored on Saturday at the Jungfrau Victoria Hotel. The evening was moderated by Annina Campell and Salar Bahrampoori.

The best of the best: Lara Zurmühle (left), top of the class for marketing managers, and Romain Rochat, top of the class for sales managers.

Due to the pandemic situation, Swiss Marketing held last year's ceremony digitally. This year, the newly graduated leaders were once again able to receive their diplomas live and on site. Around 330 people attended the diploma ceremony. There were around 30 graduates in the graduating class of 2020.

The two TV personalities Annina Campell and Salar Bahrampoori led through the evening.

High success rate among marketing managersn

The diploma students of the year 2021 can show a good quota overall. In the case of marketing managers, 61 ladies and gentlemen were examined. 51 persons (83.6%) could graduate with success.

222 aspirants took the sales manager* exam, 133 of them (59.9%) passed.

Three people tested their knowledge on the Key Account Manager exam, where one person (33.3%) was successful.

Ibi Bertschi, head of the audit, and Andreas Wild, managing director of Swiss Marketing.

Awards for the best of the year

A total of 185 diplomas were awarded on Saturday evening. Lara Zurmühle was the best marketing manager of the year with an overall average grade of 5.075. Romain Rochat was the best sales manager of the year with an overall average grade of 5.33. Both were awarded the Swiss Marketing Award. Both were honored with the Swiss Marketing Award.

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