Bienne Guide starts cooperation with Tourism Biel Seeland

The community "Bienne Guide", known from Instagram, is teaming up with Tourism Biel Seeland in terms of web presence. The existing website "" will be integrated into the new local information and marketing platform "".

With the launch of the Bienne2Go platform, Tourism Biel Seeland has created a new information and marketing platform. It offers an advertising and distribution channel for locally based companies from the event, gastronomy and retail sectors.

With the introduction of the platform, there will be changes in the digital offer of local information sources, as the agency Artworth from Zeeland writes in a statement. The Bienne Guide website will be integrated into the offering.

Strengthening location marketing together

Artworth built up the Bienne Guide community and still maintains it. The agency is pleased with the new partnership: "As a person from Zeeland, the professional marketing of our region is close to my heart. That's why our team also launched Bienne Guide in August 2018," says co-founder Thierry Moser. The collaboration between Artworth and Tourism Biel Seeland on the website would create synergies and avoid duplication. Oliver von Allmen, director of Tourism Biel Seeland, has a similar view: "Users of the portal will find a well-structured selection of attractive offers. It is also important for cultural professionals that they only have to enter their events and activities once and that they have an efficient distribution channel at their disposal.

Bienne2Go off to a good start

With the integration of into, the consolidation in the area of leisure and shopping platforms continues to progress. According to Oliver von Allmen, many individual providers will be under one roof in the future. According to Artworth, the launch has gone well. "The feedback after the first few months has been positive," says von Allmen. "Many stores now have a presence in three languages. Thanks to the marketing and advertising activities planned for the platform, they should benefit from a rapid increase in website visitors."

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