Video tool from Wirz edits and adapts advertising material live

Wirz has implemented a dynamic video tool. With the tool, video ads can be produced easily, quickly and efficiently and individual elements can be edited live - without having to edit the spot manually. M-Budget Mobile is already benefiting from this.

The Dynamic Video Tool, as it's officially called, is programmed once and can then be easily customized based on your needs: Info such as price disruptors, headlines and call-to-actions can be changed live as often as desired without having to rebuild the entire video spot. In this way, the tool works flexibly and cost-effectively. It is already in use with customers.

Video ads for sales

At M-Budget Mobile, for example, promos for the various subscriptions are implemented at high frequency. These sales measures always tend to have a similar message. In addition to online display advertising, the goal was to develop an efficient solution for the dynamic processing of video ads that can be applied to all M-Budget Mobile promos.


The Dynamic Video Tool from Wirz takes care of everything that needs to be produced repetitively and quickly. Various elements such as text, font size and color, logos, images and sound can be changed. The result is animated video advertising with all the trimmings. With one exception: the creation and planning of the advertising medium in question. This still requires human thinking skills.

Responsible at Melectronics: Lukas Vasvary (Head of MarKom / E-Commerce), André Steffen (Project Manager MarKom). Responsible at Wirz: Lorenz Clormann, Artur Faria, Jan Kempter, Evelyn Schellenberg (creation); Nathalie Reichmuth, Jan Keller, Sophia Bartolomei (consulting); Yussef Serrat, Désirée Guzzo (media realisation).

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