Audio law firm wins pitch for Swissmilk

The audio chancellery travels through Switzerland in its "PodCar" and visits everyone involved in the value chain of Switzerland's cultural asset, milk, from the cow in the pasture to the star chef. With this idea, the podcast agency was able to win over Swissmilk and is now getting to the bottom of the agricultural product with the podcast series "Milk".

The Audiokanzlei dives into the history of Swiss milk for Swissmilk. On behalf of a new generation of milk lovers, she travels in the "PodCar" directly to the animals, farmers and producers who live from and for milk.

Podcast connects city and country

Celebrating pleasure, tradition and craftsmanship with a "sounding" format? This is the challenge taken up by Dino Giglio, founder and project manager of Audiokanzlei. How important is milk for us Swiss* really? What challenges does the dairy industry face today? And who are the people who ensure that the cows are happy, the production chain remains sustainable and the finished dairy products reach the consumers?

Charles Nguela gets into the rubber boots

As a roving reporter who has had little contact with farmers, cows or cheesemakers, stand-up comedian Charles Nguela learns that cows prefer to be scratched on the forehead and particularly like small, crunchy apples. He also shares his first milking attempts with the listeners. In addition, the "Milch" hosts provide exciting background information about milk in expert talks with cheesemakers, tourism experts and star chefs: What is behind the creation of exciting delicacies such as Fribourg Vacherin or wild garlic curd?
Heiko Stegmaier, Head of Editorial and Content at Swissmilk, is looking forward to accompanying the "Milk" podcast journey and reaching new consumers in this way: "By letting the professionals along the value chain have their say, Swiss milk can be examined in a way that even experts will discover something new". The focus is on the innovative strength of Swiss agriculture and its emphasis on regionality and sustainability. The industry is brought to life as a podcast with concrete examples.

The "Milk" podcast series was launched at the end of May 2021 and is available both on as well as on platforms such as Spotify, Apple or Google for streaming.

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